Land transportation

In cooperation with group companies and partner companies and using our nationwide distribution network, we provide transportation services that meet logistics needs, including small-lot mixed load transportation, chartered transportation, and container transportation.
To ensure prompt, safe and quality delivery, we adopt a vehicle allocating system using information technology. We also offer proposals on transportation modes to optimize customers’ logistics.

General cargo transportation

Our group’s transport companies own many special vehicles, such as trailers for heavy loads and freezer cars, in addition to ordinary trucks. With such a wide variety of vehicles and high mobility, we respond to various needs of our customers.

Container land transportation

We provide land transportation services for marine containers from major ports in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe to destinations throughout Japan. With our extensive transportation network, we connect the container terminal designated by a customer to destinations throughout Japan quickly and as desired.

Joint delivery system

To ensure efficient transport, we provide a “joint distribution” service. Large- and medium-lot products delivered by line haul can be sorted at our transfer center in each area according to their delivery destination so as to transport them in small lots to each destination. This service is called “joint delivery.”

Adoption of an automatic vehicle allocating system

We have developed an automatic vehicle allocating system to support optimal allocation of vehicles by computer, based on information on freight, travel distance and time, load factors, and other operation-related information. The system ensures efficient vehicle allocation.

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