Safe deposit boxes

Our safe deposit boxes offer security for your important documents and other valuables.

Service Area

Tokyo Area Sumitomo Twin Building Trunk Room Center

Sizes & Prices

Box Type Size Dimensions (cm) Storage Fee
Height Width Depth Per Year (tax included)
Fully-Automated A 6.0 26.0 45.0 JPY 19,800
B 12.0 26.0 45.0 JPY 31,680
C 24.0 26.0 45.0 JPY 59,400
Manual(Dual Key) 1 6.3 24.6 53.8 JPY 17,160
2 8.4 24.6 53.8 JPY 21,780
3 11.4 24.6 53.8 JPY 29,040
4 24.5 24.6 53.8 JPY 56,760

Important Notes

  • You cannot deposit hazardous items and materials, or items unsuitable for storage in a safe deposit box such as those that may decompose, emit heat, or ignite.
  • You can deposit important documents (contracts, last wills and testaments, certificates of title, registration documents, insurance certificates, etc.), valuables (precious metals, jewelry, etc.), seals and memorable items (collection, albums, etc.).
  • When there is no vacancy, safe deposit box may be unavailable.
  • Please be aware that Sumitomo Warehouse shall not be liable for any damages (including damages caused by being unable to open or close the safe deposit box, damages such as the misplacement, loss, damage or spoilage of stored items) you incur due to fire, disaster, accident, other form of force majeure, or causes not attributable to Sumitomo Warehouse.
  • Please present us with an official personal identification document that confirms your name and residential address (driver's license, residence card, special permanent resident certificate, etc.), and please bring your seal when applying the use of safe deposit box.
  • At the time of contract, you need to pay the Storage Fee in advance on a monthly pro-rata basis from the month following the month of commencement of use until the end of the first arriving March. Every April, you will be required to pay the Storage Fee for one year in advance. The payment method is automatic account transfer, etc.

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