Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Sumitomo's Business Philosophy

Ever since the founding of Sumitomo Warehouse in 1899, we have carried out business according to the principles of Sumitomo's Business Philosophy. These principles call for integrity, sound management, and not pursuing immoral business. These words warn us not to chase immediate speculative profit to the detriment of society, or else we will lose all trust held in us. They also reflect our management philosophy of contributing to society through our business. Sumitomo's Business Philosophy forms the foundation of our business operations. It has been passed down unwaveringly through the generations since long before Japan and other countries around the world had begun to recognize the importance of a company's philosophy towards responsibility and contribution to society. We will continue to work based on the principles outlined in this philosophy.

The Sumitomo business philosophy can be stated as, “Benefit self and others, private and public interests are one and the same.” In keeping with these core values, the Sumitomo Warehouse Group will strive to make contributions to our customers and society while also seeking steady growth by providing excellent service under all conditions, centered around the logistics business. Our Corporate Philosophy encapsulates this enduring mission, which we will fulfill no matter what economic and social changes we meet.

“We will provide earnest and timeless support for logistics functions as the social infrastructure, which is needed by all, while also working to create new services sought after by our customers and society.”

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Long-term vision "Moving Forward to 2030"

Based on our corporate philosophy, we have defined four missions to accomplish over the next 10 years until 2030 to properly address the various risks that are multiplying with the progression of globalization and steadily provide the logistics services that are essential for society to our diverse stakeholders.

a. Connecting things
We will provide even more reliable logistics services around warehouses and ports, which are nodes of distribution. At the same time, we will coordinate more closely with industries outside of logistics, actively introducing and utilizing digital and other technologies to create new value in logistics while swiftly addressing various changes.
b. Connecting the world
We will support our customers in building solid, stable global supply chains, working to further expand our international logistics network, primarily in the four regions of Japan, Asia, Europe, and the United States.
c. Connecting people
While further enhancing development of our invaluable human resources, we will address social changes, including the declining birth rate and aging population, adopt flexible and diverse work styles, and continue to be a company that attracts people to it.
d. Connecting times
As a corporate group with more than 120 years of tradition, we will pass on the tangible and intangible assets we have inherited from our predecessors to the next generation and contribute to the development of our customers and society.

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