Information Disclosure Policy

We actively and fairly communicate with our stakeholders such as shareholders and investors, business partners, employees and local communities to deepen their understanding of our company.

1. Criteria for information disclosure
We actively disclose not only information required to be disclosed due to laws, regulations of stock exchanges, etc. but also other information on our group management to improve disclosed information. We endeavor to disclose information promptly, fairly and clearly.
2. Information disclosure method
We disclose information required by laws and regulations of stock exchanges in an appropriate manner. We will promptly post its contents on our website ("this site") after disclosure. We will also send other information timely by using appropriate methods, such as posting on this site.
For the convenience of preparation, the timing of sending these information may be delayed.
3. Voluntary Restraint Period for IR Activities
In order to fairly disclose important information such as financial statements, we have established a voluntary restraint period for IR activities, which is from the next day of the end of each quarter until the date of announcement of the quarterly result; during this time we withhold comments and responses to questions regarding the closing of accounts. However, we will respond to questions related to information that was previously released, regardless of the voluntary restraint period. Moreover, in the event that important facts, including those which may affect to our financial result forecast, come to light during the voluntary restraint period, they will be appropriately announced in accordance with laws and regulations of stock exchanges.
4. Forward-looking Statement
All forward-looking statements regarding the company’s future performance are based on information available at the time of disclosure and determined subjectively.
Future performance is not guaranteed and all information related to future performance is subject to changes in business environments.
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