Document digitization service

This service will attain the preservation of your original copies of important documents and help you improve your work efficiency at the same time. You can search and view all necessary documents which are kept in the warehouse while you are in the office.
This service is especially suitable for these documents: contracts, construction drawings, design drawings, medical charts, and other important documents whose original copies are needed to be preserved.

Benefits of digitization

  • Effective use of office space and reduction of office rent
  • Search and reference from office PC
  • Reduce the risk of loss and contamination of important original documents

Flow of digitization


The following items are required when estimate;
The state of the document (kind of paper, size, presence of stapling etc.)
Image specification (storage format, image quality, etc.)
Search keyword for the documents if needed
Delivery date

(2)Pick up of the original

We pick up original documents from your office.


We confirmed the original and carried out preliminary work such as sorting and removing the stapler. Then we digitize the original and enter the file name and search keyword. We check the image captured and save the image in a preservation format you want.


We deliver it on the information recording mediums (CD, DVD etc.) you want.

You can browse digitized documents in information recording mediums (CD, DVD etc.) or you can browse them on the Web system using its image-browsing function which is available as an option (extra charge).
As a way to save your initial digitization cost, we can also provide on-demand delivery service of documents upon your request.


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