Sumitomo Warehouse Group's Sustainability

The business activities of the Sumitomo Warehouse Group are founded on the Sumitomo business philosophy of “emphasizing the development of public interests and people while avoiding immediate speculative interests due to being based on the principles of trust and reliability.” Over the 120 years since the Group was founded, we have provided the quality services required by customers and society, while steadily growing our business centered on logistics.

In recent years, supply chains have become increasingly globalized and the logistics needs of customers have diversified. It is the Group’s unwavering mission to support customers businesses and social activities by appropriately delivering the precious goods we have received to their intended destinations.

To realize our long-term vision “Moving Forward to 2030,” we will strengthen the foundation of each business, secure and develop human resources, and work together with a wide range of stakeholders, including customers, business partners, and local communities, to solve social issues.

The Group will endeavor to “create a safe and fulfilling workplaces” enabling employees and other service providers to meet their full potential and conduct “fair business operation” realizing sustainable growth, engage in further “enhancement of service quality and safety” and “reduction of environmental impact” to contribute to customers and society through business.

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