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Akihito nagata

Based on the Corporate Philosophy of “providing earnest and timeless support for logistics functions as a social infrastructure needed by all, while also working to create new services sought by our customers and society,” the Sumitomo Warehouse Group (“the Group”) conducts a range of business and other activities in Japan and overseas, including a logistics business built around warehousing and supported by harbor transportation, international transportation and land transportation, as well as a real estate business.

One thing the Group considers important in its business dealings can be expressed in a phrase that reflects the Sumitomo approach to its business: “Benefit self and others, private and public interests are one and the same.” The idea that business must benefit itself as well as the nation and society represents a strong call for harmony between business and the public interest, and has much in common with approaches such as the SDGs--targets for building a sustainable, better world--and corporate sustainability management.

Today, we face a mounting variety of social issues, including increased geopolitical risks, climate change, economic inequality and human rights problems. The Group views management and sustainability initiatives as inseparable. We are thus committed to further strengthening our management base, creating an environment in which each of our diverse employees can bring energy and enthusiasm to their work, and by providing safe, highly reliable services, helping to resolve a variety of issues and contribute to achieving an abundant, sustainable society.

I would like to express my appreciation to our stakeholders, and look forward to your continued support of these efforts.

President Akihito Nagata

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