Main Initiatives for Stakeholders

The Group endeavors to improve communication with many stakeholders including customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, investors, peer companies, governments, local communities and the media. Examples of these initiatives are provided below. Evaluations, opinions, realizations, etc., obtained through the initiatives lead to improvements and new initiatives.

Stakeholders Main Initiatives
Customers Everyone using the logistics, marine transportation and real estate services provided by the Group
  • Communication through the provision of sustainable supply chains
  • Participation in customers’ quality improvement activities
  • Partner companies in each business, and suppliers of funds and supplies, etc. required for business
  • Construction subcontractors in logistics and real estate businesses
  • Communication through operations
  • Implementation of evaluation of outsourcing companies
  • Creation of a friendly work environment by co-hosting quality improvement and safety and health activities
  • Support for securing personnel (at the time of hiring)
Employees The Group’s employees
  • Interviews in the self-reporting system, personnel interviews
  • Central labor-management council
  • Various forms of training
  • Company newsletters and intranet
  • Social gatherings (twice per year for each workplace)
Shareholders and Investors Individual investors, institutional investors
  • General Meeting of Shareholders, reports (shareholder news)
  • Results briefings, individual meetings
  • Provision of information through the website, etc.
Peer companies and industry groups Companies in the logistics industry such as warehouse companies
  • Communication through operations
  • Activities of industry groups, etc.
Governments and local communities Competent government agencies, local communities, local people, NPOs, etc.
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, rules and internal rules
  • Contribution to the creation of vibrant communities through business
  • Social contribution activities (facility tours, local clean-ups, participation in tree-planting activities run by NPOs, etc.)
Media Mass media
  • Provision of information through interviews and briefings
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