Materiality and SDGs

The Sumitomo Warehouse Group has organized the Group’s “contribution to sustainability” in relation to SDGs as follows.

ESG Seven Core Issues Materiality Related SDGs Themes
(Yellow: Priority Themes)
Main Initiatives
Governance Organizational Governance Fair Business Operation Corporate Governance Corporate governance
Internal control
Continuously raising awareness of and implementing the Sumitomo Warehouse Group Business Conduct Guidelines
Strengthening of group governance
Promotion of dialog with investors through IR activities
Risk Management BCP response
Strengthening of information security
Compliance Ensuring compliance
Society Fair Business Practices Compliance with Fair Trade Compliance with laws and regulations related to transactions, and continuously raising awareness
Supply Chain Management Supplier management
Increased dialog with partner companies
Human Rights Creation of a Safe and Fulfilling Working Environment Respect for Human Rights Respect for human rights
Establishment and promotion of system for promoting activities to raise human rights awareness
Labor Practices Promotion of Work Style Reform Promotion of work style reform
Promotion of the utilization of next-generation development support system
Promotion of standardization, improvement of efficiency and reduction of workload in operations
Strengthening of employee engagement
Health and Safety Strengthening of initiatives aimed at shortening long working hours and promoting the acquisition of paid leave
Establishment of a safe working environment
Consideration for safety and promotion of health for all workers
Human Resource Development and Diversity Acquisition, development and retention of talent
Development of global human resources
Establishment of working environments mindful of diversity and promotion of participation by women
Consumer Issues Improvement of Service Quality and Safety Service Quality and Safety Quality and Safety Policy
Promotion of initiatives to improve quality
Promotion of safety initiatives
Improvement of facility safety
Designation of facilities serving as relief material hubs in the event of a disaster by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Participation in the Community and Development of the Community Community and Local Activities Social contributions through the Company’s main business
Participation in cleaning activities and tree-planting activities
Acceptance of facility tours hosted by industry groups, dispatch of instructors to given lessons at educational institutions such as universities, etc.
Activities as a member of the Sumitomo Group
Environment Environment Reduction of Environmental Impact Response to Natural Disasters Contribution to customer BCP
Prevention of Climate Change and Promotion of Energy Saving Environmental Policy
Reduction of electric power usage and introduction of renewable energy such as solar power
Reduction of environmental impact of transportation
Introduction and update to facilities and equipment with little environmental impact
Greener procurement
Conservation of Biodiversity Environmental assessment when building warehouses and real estate facilities
Prevention of Soil and Air Pollution, Water Management Prevention of air pollution and pollution of water sources, etc.
Waste and Recycling Reduction of waste produced in the logistics business
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