Environmental policy

The Sumitomo Warehouse Co., Ltd. and its Group companies recognize that preserving the global environment is an important business issue and is therefore steadily and continuously engaged in the following activities to contribute to preserving the environment by reducing the environmental load of its business activities.

  1. Our companies shall obey the laws and ordinances related to environmental preservation.
  2. Our companies shall engage in the following activities to promote business activities that take the global environment into consideration.
    • 1)We shall strive to improve facilities and equipment and to manage maintenance as well as promote the installation of energy efficient equipment.
    • 2)We shall utilize an environmental evaluation system and strive to improve energy efficiency.
    • 3)We shall strive to purchase and use Eco Mark products and promote recycling activities.
    • 4)We shall strive to suitably dispose of waste materials and to limit the generation of such materials.
  3. Our companies shall establish systems, set environmental targets, and review them periodically to promote environmental preservation activities and engage in continuous improvement.
  4. Our companies shall strive to make this policy known throughout the Group and conduct environmental training to heighten the awareness of all employees of environmental issues and to encourage autonomous participation in environmental preservation activities.
  5. Our companies shall announce this policy to the general public.

May 22, 2006
Shoichi Abbe
The Sumitomo Warehouse Co., Ltd.

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