The CSR Committee

The CSR Committee chaired by the President has been established to focus more efforts on improving the internal control and risk management systems. The Committee promotes various measures on the internal control of compliance, risk management and financial reporting; environmental conservation; and the improvement of the quality of services that we offer, so as to further enhance corporate value and fulfill our social responsibility.


  1. The Committee conducts surveys and prepares plans for developing systems and various corporate regulations with the aim of improving the corporate value and fulfilling social responsibility.
  2. To set up a helpline for the early detection of compliance infractions. When a report is received, to promptly investigate and decide on the type of sanction or remediation.


  1. The Committee is chaired by the President. The Director in charge of issues concerned assumes the position of vice-chairman. Committee members consist of General Managers and Managers.
  2. Under the Committee are the Internal Control Subcommittee and the Quality Improvement Subcommittee. The Internal Control Subcommittee is in charge of issues related to internal control, such as compliance, risk management and financial reporting, and the Quality Improvement Subcommittee is in charge of issues related to quality improvement, safety and health, and environmental conservation.
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