Sumitomo Warehouse (Europe) GmbH

Corporate Profile

Head Office Dusseldorf (Germany)
Other Business Locations Antwerp (Belgium)
London (United Kingdom)
Major Products Handled Chemical products, sporting goods, medical materials, control equipment
Main Business Line Warehousing (cargo storage, distribution center services, in-plant operations)
International transportation (marine transportation, air transportation, import/export customs clearance)
Land transportation
Qualification/Certification ISO9001,AEO-F
Sumitomo Warehouse (Europe) GmbH
Sumitomo Warehouse (Europe) GmbH
Sumitomo Warehouse (Europe) GmbH


  • We operate warehouses of more than 30,000m2 at Antwerp port, one of the major ports in Europe, providing warehousing and forwarding services. We also provide value added services such as non-resident inventory and inplant operation.
  • We have an office in Antwerp, Dusseldorf and London and are engaged in international transportation and intra-Europe transportation to and from any places in Europe.
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