Company history

1899 Sumitomo Warehouse founded; established headquarters in Osaka and branch office in Kobe

Ridge-end tile with
the Sumitomo Logo from
Tomishima Warehouse in 1900

C-13 Terminal,Port Island (Kobe)

Tokyo Sumitomo Twin Building

Heiwajima Trunk Room

Sumitomo Warehouse
(Shanghai) Ltd.

Sumitomo Warehouse
(China) Ltd.

Yodoyabashi Mid-Cube

1919 Established Tokyo branch office
1921 Reorganized as warehouse division of Sumitomo Limited Partnership Corporation
1923 Incorporated as The Sumitomo Warehouse Co., Ltd.
1949 Established Yokohama branch office
1950 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange
1968 Entered the shipping container terminal business in Kobe and Tokyo, subsequently expanding container terminal business at other major ports in Japan
1970 Established Nagoya branch office
1972 Established representative office in San Francisco, USA and subsequently expanded overseas operations
Launched real estate leasing business with the construction and leasing of the Kawaguchi Sumiso Building in Osaka
1974 Launched real estate leasing business with the construction and leasing of the Kawaguchi Sumiso Building in Osaka
1982 Established Sumitomo Warehouse (Europe) GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany
1985 Established Sumitomo Warehouse (U.S.A.), Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary
Acquired airfreight agent license from the International Air Transport Association
1988 Constructed and leased the Tokyo Sumitomo Twin Building highrise office buildings
Established Sumitomo Warehouse (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary
1992 Launched international airfreight consolidation after licensed by the Government of Japan
1993 Established Sumitomo Warehouse (Hong Kong) Ltd. and Sumitomo Warehouse (Shanghai) Ltd., both wholly-owned subsidiaries
1996 Constructed a seismic isolation trunk room warehouse in Heiwajima,Tokyo
1998 Built a warehouse with cold storage function in Kobe to start handling temperature-sensitive cargo
1999 Acquired ISO 9002 certification for airfreight operations, then ISO 9001 in 2002
2000 Opened a contemporary art gallery, Contemporary Art Space Osaka (CASO)
2001 Constructed and leased a commercial building, T-PLATZ, in Yokohama
2003 Established Shanghai Sumiso International Logistics Co., Ltd., in Shanghai, China
Established Sumiso International Logistics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, China
2004 Established Vantec Sumiso Logistics(Wuhan) Co., Ltd. in Wuhan, China
2005 Established Sumiso International Logistics(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. in Guangzhou,China
2006 Acquired ISTAR Corporation to add it in Sumitomo Warehouse Group
Acquired ENSHU TRUCK CO.,LTD. to add it in Sumitomo Warehouse Group
Established Sumitomo Warehouse (China) Ltd. in Shanghai, China
2007 Established Rabigh Petrochemical Logistics LLC in Damman, Saudi Arabia
Acquired ISO27001 certification covering archives business in Tokyo and Yokohama, and thereafter acquired the same certifications covering other archives business bases in Kanto, Kansai, Chubu District
2011 Acquired Westwood Shipping Lines, Inc. to add it in Sumitomo Warehouse Group
2012 Established Sumiso (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.(currently Sumitomo Warehouse (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.) in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Established Shanghai Jinjiang‐Sumiso International Logistics Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
2013 Tokyo Head office was relocated to Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Attained ISO9001 certification covering Handling of Warehouse-in/out, Storage in Warehouse, Im/Ex Cargo Handling, Customs Clearance and Intermodal Transportation Service
2014 Established Chicago Branch Office of Sumitomo Warehouse (U.S.A.), Inc.
Constructed and leased a office building, Yodoyabashi Mid-Cube, in Osaka Head office was relocated to Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka
2015 Established Hanoi Branch Office of Sumiso (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
2016 Established PT. Sumiso Logistics Indonesia