Social contribution

The Sumitomo Warehouse Group has been engaged in various social contribution activities.

Clean-up activities

Sumitomo Warehouse takes part in cleanup activities.
Volunteers from the Head Office clean the vicinity of the Sumitomo Nakanoshima Building once a month, while those from the Tokyo Branch clean the vicinity of the Tokyo Sumitomo Twin Buildings every other month in cooperation with other companies located nearby.
Since 2012, our volunteers have participated annually in “Osaka Marathon Clean-Up campaign” organized by Osaka City prior to the Osaka Marathon, and cleaned the areas around the Head Office as well as our bases in Minato-ku and Suminoe-ku.
Since autumn 2012, volunteer members have also been involved in the Suma Beach cleanup activity, held twice a year by the Kansai Clean-up Office. In this activity, participants not only collect litter but, in order to curb its generation, also investigate the kind and quantity of litter so that the results can be used for the solution of environmental problems.
We will continue our efforts to further contribute to community beautification by expanding the areas covered.

Contribution to local communities

1. Cooperation with firefighting training

A two-day firefighting training course was held in January 2014 at our warehouse located at the Toda Terminal of the Tokyo Branch, which was going to be demolished due to the redevelopment project around Toda Station on the JR Saikyo Line.
This training course was organized by the Toda City Firefighting Headquarters, simulating a great earthquake and fire. We offered our warehouse to the firefighters to conduct practical drills, such as concrete floor breaching practice as part of the rescue activity and water discharge activity using fire extinguishing agents.

2. Educational support

We are engaged in educational support initiatives to promote understanding of the social significance of logistics.

Donation to the construction of "Ukiniwa Bridge"

We donated half the costs required for constructing the "Ukiniwa Bridge" (opened on December 20, 2008) over the Dotonbori River. The bridge was built by Osaka City.
We own the area to the north of the Ukiniwa Bridge, where our redevelopment project is ongoing. As a local company in Osaka City, we helps promote the city's community development projects.

Photo provided by Osaka city

As a member of the Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee

Our company is a member of the Sumitomo Group Public Relations Committee, which is engaged in activities to gain and retain trust and affection towards the "Sumitomo" corporate group. Our efforts include planning and implementation of various kinds of events.

  • 住友グループ広報委員会
  • すみともキッズ
  • 住友物語

Support to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

We offered Heiwajima Terminal Warehouse No.1 as a temporary storage facility for supplies handled by World Vision Japan (WVJ) for one year from March 2011. The WVJ is a specified nonprofit organization that has been engaged in supplying relief goods to those affected by the earthquake. We also cooperated in receiving and shipping relief goods as well as transporting them to affected areas.

We organized "Sumitomo Twin Building Joint Marche," in cooperation with three neighboring companies, twice, once in May 2011 and again in July 2011. The Marche was held in the "Ikoi-no Hiroba" in the Tokyo Sumitomo Twin Building to display and sell agricultural and marine products and processed goods made in the Tohoku and Kanto regions.

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