Sumitomo Warehouse Business Conduct Guidelines

Our company was founded upon the business philosophy of Sumitomo. We contribute to society extensively through high-quality distribution and real estate services based on the solid performance and credibility we have achieved in over a century of doing business.
In order to further consolidate trust in our company, and to fulfill our social responsibility as a corporation, we have established guidelines for conduct that every employee must follow.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Employees shall comply with all applicable laws, whether domestic or foreign, as well as internal company rules in carrying out business activities, based on social norms and corporate ethics.
2. Respect for Human Rights and Dignity of the Individual
We shall respect the human rights and personal dignity of all people with whom the company has contact in doing business, whether direct or indirect, and shall not discriminate based on race, national origin, beliefs, sex, age, religion, social status, or physical or mental disability.
3. Maintaining Sound Relationships with Customers and Suppliers
We shall maintain business relationships with customers and suppliers based on fair, transparent, and free competition. Sound and proper relationships shall also be maintained with government and administrative representatives.
4. Communication with Society
In order to communicate with shareholders and investors, business partners, the local community, and other stakeholders, we shall carry out information disclosure actively and fairly.
5. Protection of the Environment
We shall voluntarily and actively reduce waste, recycle, and work to protect the global environment.
6. Contribution to the Local Community
With an awareness that our business activities are based in local economies and cultures, we shall maintain good relations with local communities and contribute to local development.
7. A Good Working Environment
We shall strive to create a working environment that is safe and easy to work in, and that employees feel is fulfilling and rewarding.
8. Information Management
Confidential information and personal information that we have acquired through our business activities shall be managed properly to prevent unintentional or unauthorized disclosure to a third party. Information shall never be used without authorization for personal gain or in the interests of a third party.
9. Confronting Antisocial Forces
We shall take a firm stance against antisocial forces that threaten the social order or safety of civil society.
10. International Business Conduct
We shall abide by the laws of foreign countries, respect their culture and customs, and build and maintain good relationships with local employees and business partners in carrying out business overseas.
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