Harbor transportation

As a leader in harbor transportation, we bring years of experience of operations to ensure customer satisfaction and reliable services.

⋅ Container terminal operations

As one of Japan's leading container terminal operators, we provide for a wide range of needs at major ports in Japan. We provide advanced operational know-how at terminals run by port terminal corporations and has introduced a state-of-the-art terminal management system at public terminals for the flexible exchange of Sea-NACCS data and many other types of data.

⋅ Conventional ship operations

We provide efficient, highly reliable integrated services for conventional ships, including stevedoring, longshoring and barge transport. In addition to general cargo, we handle heavy cargo, wheeled vehicles, and special cargo as part of our prompt and dependable services.

⋅ Shipping agent

Based on years of experience, we offer husbanding, documentation, and a broad range of other high-quality services as a ship agent.