Nationwide integrated logistics

We provide logistics services such as warehousing, merchandise processing, and delivery for cargo of all kinds, from raw materials to finished products, using a dependable system based on leading-edge information technologies.

⋅ Distribution center

Distribution center is responsible for a part of your supply chain management. Due to material handling equipment that to ship to destinations across the country to smooth products a wide variety of inventory management using the bar code, the control system, we are to achieve their operational quickly and reliably.

⋅ Warehousing

Extensive know-how, such as temperature and humidity control trim, a variety of storage and handling equipment, with constant temperature warehouses and cold storage, a system of thorough, we will surely meet the needs of our customers.

⋅ Delivery

By means of a combination of flexible delivery and carrier companies and a number of relations and cooperation, friendly nature and characteristics of the cargo area of destination, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible.

⋅ Information processing

Inventory management by the nationwide online service has been achieved, of course, available inventory data by EDI, the transmission of various data, such as search and inventory using a mobile phone.

⋅ Merchandise processing

We perform merchandise inspection, sorting, price tagging, set assembly, and other merchandise processing services based on extensive knowledge.

Distribution center



Merchandise processing