Air cargo transportation

We are well experienced in the field of air cargo globally and is broadening the possibilities for air transport.
Through a network that extends around the world and with our extensive experience, we minimize costs and time to meet a wide range of air cargo needs.

⋅ Air freight forwarding

We arrange all aspects of forwarding under precision schedules, including calculation of freight costs and charges.

⋅ Import/Export customs clearance

We reliably handle animal or plant quarantine by product, procedures related to food, and other procedures to clear customs quickly.

⋅ Packaging , Land transportation

We handle everything from collecting cargo to packaging, weighing, and labeling.

In addition, we carry out various procedures related to air freight forwarding as an airline company agent, including insurance agent functions.

< Overseas business development >

  • - In collaboration with business partners in various countries we can also provide inventory management and transportation management, and handle complex procedures.
  • - We use trucks with air suspension and temperature control for local delivery, ULD (unit load device) transport, and door-to-door intermodal transportation.

< Our extensive experience >

  • - Inventory management overseas for export cargo, reexportation to a third country
  • - Creation of documentation for overseas cargo removal to local delivery
  • - Import and export of sensitive cargo such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and clean room equipment
  • - Import and export of hazardous substances
  • - Transportation experience in the import and export of flowers for the Floriade and other flower expositions around the world