Magnetic tape / Video tape

We handle such items as magnetic tape, videotape, and microfilm. These can be stored in bulk in containers dedicated to each storage medium or stored individually. (Tokyo, Osaka)

  • ⋅ Inventory management via the Internet
  • ⋅ Bar code management
  • ⋅ Supply of inventory reports, storage expiration reports, unreturned (delivered) reports, document retention slips, and various other management forms
  • ⋅ Collection and delivery service by private vehicle (Tokyo)

* Our Internet trunk room videotape/magnetic tape storage system allowsprocedures to be easily performed online for entering and dispatching materials from the warehouse.
* Quick delivery by private vehicle.


Items Magnetic tape , Videotape Film for long-term storage
Temperature control about 18℃ about 5℃
Humidity control about 55% under 40%
Other conditions Movable racks and fixed shelving ,
Halon gas fire extinguishing system (Tokyo)
Nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system ,
Emergency generator (Tokyo)