We store important documents (contracts, technical materials), general documents (accounting slips, archive material), technical drawings, medical charts, x-ray films, books, etc.
We offer the services below ;

  • ⋅ Inventory management via the Internet
  • ⋅ Bar code management
  • ⋅ Supply of inventory reports, storage expiration reports, unreturned (delivered) reports, document retention slips, and various other management forms
  • ⋅ Collection and delivery service and disposal service by private vehicle (Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka areas)


⋅ Temperature control :
   Summer about 24℃ / Winter about 13℃
⋅ Humidity control : about 55%
   Other Motorized movable racks (Tokyo) and fixed shelving

Web system

  • ⋅ Our Internet trunk room document storage system makes it possible to search for stock in real time using various parameters. In addition, different types of commissioning can be easily done online, including new storage requests, orders, returns, perusal, and empty case collection.
  • ⋅ We supply inventory reports, storage expiration reports, and unreturned (delivered) reports, which include management number, storage expiration date, registration date, and other information.
  • ⋅ We provide document retention slips to serve as a management ledger for the customer.
  • ⋅ Quick delivery by private vehicle allows the use of our services as if the facilities were an office.
  • ⋅ Upon request from the customer, we provide responsible disposal (dissolution) services.