Art / Valuables

Paintings, antiques, and other works of art and valuables are stored in a dedicated storage room or in dedicated storage lockers.


  • ・Dedicated facilities are provided for storing art at an ideal temperature (about 17℃) and humidity (about 55%). (Note: Heiwajima Archives in Tokyo is a quake-absorbing building.)
  • ・Both storage rooms and dedicated storage lockers have adjustable shelving for efficient storage.
  • ・Items may be added, removed or cleaned/maintained at any time during business hours. (Customers are given a key of their own to add or remove things as they wish.)
  • ・Inspections, photography, a reception room, and other additional services and facilities are available.
  • ・We also handle packing and transportation.
Tokyo Area Sumitomo Twin Building Trunk Room
Heiwajima Archives
Osaka Area Kawaguchi Trunk Room
Prices for Art and Valuables
Item Unit Storage Fee
Dedicated locker (Tokyo)
(※Size:Please refer below.)
per 1m3 15,552
(tax included)
Dedicated locker (Osaka)
per locker 10,800
(tax included)
Dedicated locker (Osaka)
per locker 21,600
(tax included)
Art per piece
(up to 0.2 m3)
(tax included)
Dedicated locker sizes
(internal dimensions : Width * Depth * Height)

Tokyo area
- 55cm * 115cm * 49-137cm
- 70cm * 115cm * 84- 94cm
- 85cm * 115cm * 59-180cm
- 85cm * 145cm * 94-173cm
Note: Other locker sizes are also available upon request. We can also provide estimates.

Osaka Area (Storage Fee:Please refer above.)
- 90cm * 110cm * 110cm
- 90cm * 110cm * 220cm

Fee payment method

Various payment methods are accepted.